Maman Passion is your partner during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

I am the first certified „Baby Planner“ in Germany and I have training and specific knowledge which allow me to follow you individually during this period of time.

I pay special attention to setting a secure and protected environment to welcome your baby.


Being pregnant is the start of a new period in your life and it is linked to strong and intense feelings but also sometimes mixed with doubts and confusing feelings.

There are several sources of information about pregnancy and the first weeks with your baby, from books, internet sources or also advice provided by your family and friends. However, they do not provide individual support and are not taking into account your actual morale.


Foreign families in Germany who potentially do not speak the language and are not acquainted with the German practices are often faced with the challenge of getting organized, making contact with specialists and dealing with administrative procedures linked to this situation.


I am fully aware of all the questions linked to expatriation and various habits when not living in your native country. Indeed, I am French and have been living in the Munich area for 10 years and all of my 3 children were born here.


I am able to provide you with individual support based on your own needs. I will provide you with contacts, information, references, media and I will help you with your arrangements and contacts in German.

 My goal is to help you take the pressure off and enable you to enjoy your pregnancy and new family with baby to the full. Feel free to contat me!